Ridge Street, North Sydney

Tennis World North Sydney - Ridge Street

Tennis World North Sydney is located in North Sydney. It has 2 multi-purpose outdoor courts situated above the carpark on Ridge Street which are marked out for netball. Toilet facilities are available. There is Parking available (at cost). Any children brought to the games need to be fully supervised during the games. Animals are NOT ALLOWED at the centre at any time.


Mixed Netball

7 per side with a maximum of 3 men on the field


Mixed Netball

7 per side with a maximum of 3 men on the field


Womens Netball

7 per side (no male players allowed)


Mixed Netball

7 per side with a maximum of 3 men on the field


Games are 40 minutes and played between 6pm and 8pm

There will be 7 rounds with 3 weeks finals. We allow 1 week for wet weather. If there is another week of wet weather then the comp will be 7 rounds and 2 week finals. If there is no rain outs then we will play all 10 rounds. Thursday Evenings are 30 min games and 11 weeks.

Price is $990 ( Includes Insurance)

MondaysStartsWeeksClose DateStandard Fee*Late Fee*
Summer 20244 Dec101 Dec$990.00$1090.00
Autumn 202411 Mar101 Mar$990.00$1090.00
Winter 20243 Jun1020 May$990.00$1090.00
Spring 202426 Aug1019 Aug$990.00$1090.00
TuesdaysStartsWeeksClose DateStandard Fee*Late Fee*
Summer 202428 Nov1022 Nov$990.00$1090.00
Autumn 20245 Mar101 Mar$990.00$1090.00
Winter 20244 June1021 May$990.00$1090.00
Spring 202415 Oct108 Oct$990.00$1090.00
WednesdaysStartsWeeksClose DateStandard Fee*Late Fee*
Summer 2024Nov 151025 Oct $990.00$1090.00
Autumn 2024Feb 2110Feb 15$990.00$1090.00
Winter 202422 May101 May$990.00$1090.00
Spring 202424 Jul1017 Jul$990.00$1090.00
ThurdaysStartsWeeksClose DateStandard Fee*Late Fee*
Summer 20247 Dec101 Dec$990.00$1090.00
Autumn 20247 Mar111 Mar$990.00$1090.00
Winter 202420 June1123 May$990.00$1090.00
Spring 202429 Aug118 Aug$990.00$1090.00

Tennis World North Sydney
Level 2, 37 Ridge Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

Located on top of the Ridge Street Carpark

Standard Fee is valid up till the registration close date for the competition. The late fee is applied to all teams who register after this date.

Anderson Events  doesn’t offer refunds for sports competitions. We may offer a credit for the immediate season to follow the current season that the team is opting to leave.

In all cases, Anderson Events may elect to withhold a $100 administrative fee for any team cancelations. Full Terms and Conditions.

What We Provide

  1. A social competition against other fun corporate and social teams
  2. A fully set up field with all the equipment provided. Incl. hand sanitiser and bibs
  3. All registered players are covered by our Agile Insurance. See Terms and Conditions
  4. All rained out rounds might be replayed if possible. However no guarantees
  5. Results updated via Spawtz portal the next day
  6. A Venue Manager with first aid qualifications and a Netball Umpire per court
  7. Champions trophies for the winners