Team Building Activities are designed to ensure a high percentage of participation while enabling staff to get to know one and another in a less confronting environment than the office. It is also a great forum to meet all staff team members given the company may have had a significant change in staffing over the last 12-18 months.

Anderson Events has managed hundreds of team building activities over the last 10 years for all types of corporations – with the results always being the same – lots of fun and bonding as a group. An Amazing Race is just one example of Team Building Day.


Anderson has developed an Amazing Race concept in which staff will be organised into teams chosen by you. The Teams will complete a set of challenges around typically an area close to your work with each challenge providing a pathway to the next location.

There will be approximately 8 – 10 different challenges. The staff will assemble at your offices at a time yet to be determined and will be steered around the CBD completing the following activities:

  • Intellectual puzzles
  • Physical challenges
  • Trivia based questions
  • Problem solving exercises

To be able to complete the challenges the teams will have to rely upon one another and develop team unity second to none, with the completion of each task comes the next clue from which a new location will be identified. This event usually takes between 2.5-3 hours to complete.