family fun day

Team Building Activities are designed to ensure a high percentage of participation while enabling staff to get to know one and another in a less confronting environment than the office. It is also a great forum to meet all staff team members given the company may have had a significant change in staffing over the last 12-18 months.

Anderson Events has managed hundreds of team building activities over the last 10 years for all types of corporations – with the results always being the same – lots of fun and bonding as a group. Family Fun Day is just one example of Team Building Day.

family fun day

Anderson Events can provide a family themed day in which we typically incorporate a half or full day activities along with a BBQ lunch for all participants. Anderson Events organises the venue and activities suited both for children and adults, providing a range of activities for the day.

The family days are designed to bring staff closer together and is focused on team building and team work while also showing staff and their partners/children how valuable they all are to the team. This Family Fun Day would typically take place in a park/oval which is conveniently located for all staff.

Please bear in mind that you ultimately decide what you want and therefore can mix and match until you feel it suits all parties. Therefore the format is quite flexible and we can add activities if you have any preferences. Some of the activities have included:

  • 3 Legged Obstacle Course – Each team will have two people tied together with cloth; they will have to go through an obstacle course (around 50 metres). This course will be very interesting to say the least with vertical and horizontal challenges for the team to enjoy.
  • Egg & Spoon Relay – All teams have to run to the Egg Pick up point (25 metres away) whilst carrying a spoon; here they will have to pick up the egg (with their spoon) out of a bucket of water. They will have to carry the egg on the spoon and run back and put it into another bucket which is at the starting line. The first person will then hand the spoon over to the second relay member, and then the 2nd person repeats the process. This will have to be done by all team members until they have finished
  • Six Aside Soccer – Teams will play a mixed six aside soccer tournament with a minimum of 2 girls per team, if a girl scores the goal counts for 2.
  • Backyard Cricket – A game of cricket where players are operating as individuals but playing in teams, receive extra points for one handed catches etc
  • Face Painting – All the kids can come and have their face painted by our friendly staff, with animals, super heroes all on the menu.
  • Arts and Craft Corner – A number of different mediums will be provided for the kids to create sculptures, design and create an art work to take home.
  • Petting Zoo – Come and meet some of Australia’s native animals and the kid can learn about snakes, lizards, turtles, wombats up and personal.
  • Jumping Castle – Always a favourite with the kids, a great activity that always wears them out and serves as a nice little escape for parents and kids alike.
  • Parent/Child Relay – A relay race with a different. Many obstacles to get through
  • Volleyball – A game everyone can play with mixed teams that can have kids, mums and dads all playing
  • Tug of War – Teams will compete and the winners of each round go through to compete against the next team. As we have suggested these are but a few that we can offer but it needless to say this would provide great joy and fun for hours and would certainly keep the kids entertained and enthralled for the whole time whilst the parents can catch up with each other!