Competitors agreement, discharge,

release & indemnity


1.    In consideration of my entry in one or more of the “Andrew Boy Charlton Biathlon Races” (collectively called “the Event”) I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns hereby release, discharge and forever hold harmless the organisers of the Event including without limitation Anderson Events Pty Ltd ACN No: 14 104 194 167, and their servants and agents (collectively and individually called “the Organisers”) with respect to (and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Organisers in respect of any and all loss arising as a result of) any and all causes of action, claims (including but not limiting the generality of foregoing, claims for legal costs and consequential loss of life), which I may now have or at any time heretofore had, or at anytime therefore may have or but for the execution of this Release, Discharge and Indemnify, could have against the Organisers with respect to or in any way connected with my participation in my Event.

2.    I agree to abide and be bound by the Race Rules, as varied from time to time governing the Event.

3.    Refund/cancellation policy. You can register and cancel your online registration for a race up till 12.01AM on Thursdays, after this there is no refund possible for the race unless Anderson Events agrees to refund a portion of the fee. Even with a 10 race pass you need to sign up online before 12.01AM on Thursdays otherwise we will charge you an additional $5 on the day.

4.    I recognise the difficulties of participating in the Event and attest that I am physically fit to compete safely, have trained sufficiently and have not been advised by a qualified medical practitioner not to compete in the Event.

5.    I acknowledge that events involve the real risk of serious injury or risk of death, from various causes including over-exertion, dehydration, accidents with other competitors, spectators, and oval users, the concise and weather conditions, just to name a few.

6.    I agree to receive and pay for medical treatment including transport by ambulance, which is considered by the Organisers to be advisable and which is provided to me at the request or direction of the Organisers before, during and after the Event.

7.    I consent to the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of my name, race result, image, voice, statement or otherwise, including the publication of my name and/or event result and applicable age bracket in /or marketing materials/website without payment or compensation. I have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. I understand that by supplying AE with my e-mail address I will receive regular e-newsletter updates from the Event Organisers and/or sponsors in order to keep me informed about the Event.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept this agreement.