The most scenic race in Sydney

The Andrew Boy Charlton Biathlon Series commenced over 20 years ago with over 15,000 people who have participated in this race series.

Approximately 1,500 race go-ers participate in this race each year and the ABC Biathlon Series has become a favourite on the Sydney calendar. 

Biathlon Summer 2024

Registration Opens:   from 6.00pm
Race Start:   6.30pm   
Price: Online: $30; On the Day: $35
Race Waves:  5 waves (3 mins apart)
Race Capacity: 100 participants

Please note that we close the race as soon as we hit 100 people. There are no refunds if you miss the race. You can transfer yourself to another race in the future as long as you do it by the Wednesday before the Thursday race.

4km Run


300m Swim

About the race

The ABC Biathlon Series consists of a 4km run in and around the Domain & Royal Botanic Gardens and is followed by a 300m swim in the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool.

This Summer season takes place over two days, Thursday night 15th of February and Thursday night 21st March at 6.30pm.

All fitness levels

No matter if you are a casual weekend jogger, or a seasoned triathlete, we welcome all ability levels. We’ve even had superstars such as Pete Jacobs (Hawaiian Ironman Champion) & Lisa Norden (Triathlon Olympic Silver Medalist) participate.

It’s all about participation, if you can’t make the full 4km feel free to walk a little. 

Biathlon Race Details

Details of our 2024 ABC Biathlon are as per below

Summer Race Calendar

Race 1  –  Thursday 15th February

Race 2  –  Thursday 21st March 

A maximum of 100 people will be allowed each race. 

No refunds or transfers will be given.

Registrations on the day is available.


Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

1c Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000

Race starts in the carpark in front of the entry to the pool


There are some important changes about the run and swim course

Arrive from 6pm for registration, check in, and race number

Each wave will be called, and each wave participants number will be called. 

Ensure that you are ready early, please note due to numbers we may move you from your nominated wave. 


The Course Map

START:  Carpark of ABC Pool

FIRST TURN:  Stairs of Mrs Macquaries Chair

SECOND TURN:  Gate entry just past Art Gallery of NSW

THIRD TURN:  Stairs of Mrs Macquaries Chair

FOURTH TURN:  Walk down stairs at the back of ABC pool

THEN:  Swim 300m

We assemble at the parking area in front of the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, we start you off by running North, near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair you’ll find cones which indicate to go up 4 steps and run back south on the upper path towards Hospital Rd.

At the turn around point one of our staff members will tell you your running time so far and will indicate you to turn around and run all the way back the same way you came. At the North end of the pool you will find the entrance to the pool, there are steps down to the pool deck. Ensure that you will carefully make your way down the pool steps.

The Race Instructions and Rules

Each wave is limited to 20 participants, with 5 waves per race.

There will be no refunds once registered

There will be no tranfers if you are unable to attend

Lockers are available in the changerooms for valuables

At the registration desk:

  • get your race number

You must be REGISTERED at the pool and on the start line 10 mins before your allocated Start time.

You must be ready and know your number and start time. Otherwise you will miss your race.

It is essential that the participant is at the Race Start mark and ready for their start time


On the pool deck shed anything you do not want to wear in the pool and jump into any of our nominated lanes.

Swim 6 laps in the one lane – no changing Lanes this season!!!

You must swim in one of the following 4 lanes (5, 6, 7, or 8)

You must stick to only one lane this season

Complete your 300m swim in the same lane which you enter

Once you have finished your 6 laps then raise your hand up so our time recorders who will be at the end of your swim Lane can record your time.

Exit from the pool and take your time to our recording desk