Volleyball Rules

Anderson Events run many lunchtime and evening social competitions and events across metropolitan areas around Australia. We aim to provide a sporting and social environment for individuals from corporations to get away from the rigours of the office environment.

Our rules, whilst based on FIVB’s rules in the main are varied slightly to take into context that most companies are playing socially in our comp – it is simply not first division stuff! However, there will be teams that want to be very competitive and that is always catered for – good, clean, fun spirited and safety are all elements of our comp.

Please read below the rules of our competition.

Team Composition

·         Each team will be made up of six players.

·         All mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 females on court at all times.

·         If you are short on numbers from time to time you can take the court with a minimum of 4 players (but you will be at a disadvantage!)

·         All teams must have players registered to team via the team portal.


If a team has to forfeit, then they must notify Anderson Events by phone (1300 132 921) at least 24 hours prior to match start. It is only fair to give the organisers adequate time to let the opposing team know whether they can still have a throw around or if they don’t need to turn up! On a third forfeit Anderson Events may withdraw your team from the comp (without refund) to ensure integrity of competition.

  • Late teams – this is not acceptable. After the first 3 minutes past the designated start time, if there are not 4 team members on the court, one goal will be awarded to the opposing team. For every 3 minutes late, a point will be awarded up until 12 minutes where the team will be officially forfeited.
  • If a team is late, this time will cut into the match time, i.e. if a team is 5 minutes late, the opposing team will be awarded 1 point and the match will run for a shorter period of time pro rata.

Match Time Limits

  • All matches will be 2 x 13 minute halves, with a two-minute break in between.
  • Teams will be expected to start on time as per the draw.
  • Forfeit – we will give a team 5 minutes grace otherwise a forfeit will prevail.


Scoring System

Points for the preliminary matches will be a follows:

·         Win:     3 points

·         Draw:  2 points

·         Loss:    1 point

·         Forfeit: 0 points (opposing team will win 15– 0)



During finals matches, a drawn score will stand. The exception is the grand final (see below). The team which progresses will be the team which is higher on the competition ladder after the drawn score is entered into the system. The positioning of each team in the competition will be decided on the following: –

·         Number of points

·         Point difference

·         Most goals scored

·         Most number of wins

·         Least number of loses


Due to Covid & rules around our social competitions we will no longer be checking player attendance for each round (due to not having access to QR code sign in details). Therefore, monitoring the 3 match player policy prior to finals will no longer be managed by Anderson Events and we rely on good sportsmanship that a team only fields players who have played 3 games prior to finals.

Grand Finals

In the case of drawn matches in the grand final, extra time of 2 minutes will be played. If the game is still drawn at the conclusion of extra time, golden goal rule applies whereby the team who scores first is declared the winner.

Other Rules to note

·         The referee will adjudicate on all decisions.

·         Competition will run off time and not sets (2 x 13min halves) with an end result calculated.

·         Points are awarded to the team that wins the point regardless whether they serve or not. If the serving side wins the point, they continue to serve

·         Serves must go over the net on the full and within the boundary lines

·         If the ball touches the net on the serve, then a ‘let’ is called and the point is replayed

·         Each player will serve in turn and will have 2 serves then rotate clockwise when the team wins a point. The server must not touch or place their foot on the boundary line. This is regarded as a foot fault.

·         The ball must be hit in one motion through a dig, set or spike movement

·         A maximum of 3 touches either side of the net.

·         No player may touch the ball twice in a row except off a block.

·         Substitutes may be made at the service position when a team is awarded service.

·         No spiking or blocking off a service. The receiving shot must go up and over the net.

·         No part of the body should touch the net – If a net touch is made by a player, they will lose that point

·         No more than half of a player’s foot is to cross over the opposing side of the court. The point is awarded to the opposing team if this occurs.

Ball Turnover

The ball is given to the opposition when:

·         When a player hits the ball out of the court’s boundaries

·         When a player allows the ball to hit the floor of the court, or an object outside of the court (except the net)

·         When a player touches the ball twice in succession

·         When a player fails to make a good serve

·         When a player holds the ball or throws the ball

·         If a player of either side touches the net (with a body part) when the ball is in play. Or reaches over the net

·         If a player is out of their position when the ball is being served.