The Andrew Boy Charlton Biathlon Series commenced over a decade ago with over 10,000 people participated in this race series.

With approximately 1,500 people that participate in the race each year the ABC Biathlon Series has become a favourite on the Sydney multi sports calendar each year.

The ABC Biathlon Series consist of a 4km run in and around the Domain & Royal Botanic Gardens and is followed by a 300m swim in the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool. It takes place every Thursday night in Spring & Summer commencing at 6.30pm.

There are all levels of fitness that participate, from your average Joe (and Jill) Sunday Jogger to your elite athlete. We’ve had superstars such as Pete Jacobs (Hawaiin Ironman Champion) & Lisa Norden (Olympic Silver Medalist at the 2010 London Games for Triathlon.



courseWe assemble at the parking area in front of the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, we start you off by running North, near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair you’ll find cones which indicate to go up 4 steps and run back south on the upper path towards Hospital Rd.

At the turn around point one of our staff members will tell you your running time so far and will indicate you to turn around and run all the way back the same way you came.

At the North end of the pool there are steps down, one of our staff members will call out your running time to you and you will carefully make your way down the pool steps.

On the pool deck shed anything you do not want to wear in the pool and jump into Lane 3. Go up and down the lanes, until the finish in the north end of Lane 8.