About Us

Anderson Events is a privately run event organiser and a corporate health and wellness programs provider committed to the improvement and betterment of the health and well being of individuals and corporations throughout Australia.

Our philosophy is simple, we are the “health and well being specialists” that motivate individuals within a corporation so that they can perform better in their work functions with more consistency, drive and balance. In doing so, we have regularly achieved results for individuals and corporations, which have led to, reduced stress and sick leave and a happier and healthy work force.

Winter 2016

CORPORATE LUNCHTIME & EVENING 8 or 10 WEEK SPORTS COMPETITIONS Winter 2016 is here and registrations for our Sports Comps are now OPEN! Lunchtime and evening 8 or 10 week sports comps for all skill levels!

Lots of locations across Sydney to choose from. Locations and start dates can be found on our COMPETITIONS page.